Elsa Aaland was born February 21st 1938, which is the same day as King Harald (Norway) and lives a normal life in Fiskå. Every monday Elsa and her friends go to dance in their club.

Elsa sewed this "bunad" (national costume in Norway) herself when she was 21 years old. 

Johannes (90) and Elsa has known eachother since they were youths, but didn't become a couple before both of their beloved ones passed away. – It's very nice to get in love even though you're old, Elsa says. 

Elsa and her husband who died a couple of years back moved into this house in 1996. It's a couple of hundred meters from where she's been living all of her life. 

Elsa's daughter, Elisabeth and her dog Ero visit Elsa almost every day.

Every monday, Elsa drives 12 miles to dance with her friends.

Elsa wears a blue band to represent as a man in the dance, since there's not that many men who joins the dance. 

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