Every year, thousands of partyloving people goes to Hemsedal to yeah.. party. All day, all night.

[02:48 pm] Torgny Westerlund, Emma Grahl and Lars Hedenberg. Torgny has been in Hemsedal every year for the past 30 years. 

[05:19 pm] Not a very unusual sight in Hemsedal.

[05:50 pm] Lars showing off his partytrick.

[06:28 pm] "Duojag" makes the crowd go wild. 

[06:30 pm] Jonas Bodholm is dancing all he can manage while the band "Duojag" sings some of their songs in the restaurant "Spisestua". 

[08:52 pm] Sometimes you just have to do what you need to do.

[07:18 pm] All the dancing makes the guys sweat and warm. Luckily they have a fridge for cooling. 

Aksel and Rikard enjoys the last cigarettes they have. Now they have to get to the party.

[07:48 pm]Aksel and Rikard enjoys their  cigarettes before leaving to the next party.

[01:32 am] Partyanimals.

[01:48 am] Dancing on tables is not an usual thing in Hemsedal.

[03:17 am] The norwegian rapduo Karpe Diem's song "Attitudeproblem" kind of sets makes the perfect end of the night. 

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